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California Oil Refinery History
Information current as of August 2012.

Note: Information for some refineries about start-up date and ownership prior to 1981 is not available.

Refineries highlighted in yellow are currently operational. Light blue indicates re-refiner.

This chart is also available to download as an Excel spreadsheet. Current as of December 2012. (36 kb).

California Refinery Facilities Began Operations Ownership InformationCurrent Crude Capacity
Anchor Refining, McKittrick Refinery(Closed) Prior to 1981 Anchor Refining: 1981-1984  
Alon USA Energy, Inc., Bakersfield Refinery 1932 Mohawk Petroleum Corp: 1932-1975
Reserve Oil & Gas Co: 1975-1980
Getty Oil Co: 1980-1984
Texaco, Inc: 1984-2000
Equilon: 2000-2001
Shell Oil Co: 2001-2005
Big West of Calif. (Flying J): 2005-June 2010
Alon USA Energy Inc: June 2010-Present
BP West Coast Products, Carson Refinery 1938 Richfield Oil Corp: 1938-1966
Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO): 1966-2000
BP West Coast Products: 2000-Present
Chemoil Refining Corporation, Signal Hill Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 MacMillan Ring-Free Oil Co: 1981-1988
Chemoil Refining Co: 1988-1994
Chevron, Bakersfield Refinery (Closed) 1913 Standard Oil Co: 1913-1926
Standard Oil Company of California (Socal): 1926-1977
Chevron USA Inc: 1977-1986
Chevron, El Segundo Refinery 1912 Standard Oil Co: 1912-1926
Standard Oil Company of California (Socal): 1926-1977
Chevron USA Inc: 1977-2001
ChevronTexaco Corp: 2001-2005
Chevron Corp: 2005-Present
Chevron, Richmond Refinery 1902 Pacific Coast Oil: 1902-1906
Standard Oil Co: 1906-1926
Standard Oil Company of California (Socal): 1926-1977
Chevron USA Inc: 1977-2001
ChevronTexaco Corp: 2001-2005 Chevron Corp: 2005-Present
Conoco (formerly Fletcher), Paramount Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Conoco: 1981-1983 46,500
ConocoPhillips, Rodeo Refinery 1896 Union Oil Co of Calif: 1896-1983
Unocal: 1983-1997
Tosco Corp: 1997-2001
Phillips: 2001-2002
ConocoPhillips: 2002-Present
ConocoPhillips, Santa Maria Refinery 1955 Union Oil Co of Calif: 1955-1983
Unocal: 1983-1997
Tosco Corp: 1997-2001
Phillips: 2001-2002
ConocoPhillips: 2002-Present
ConocoPhillips, Wilmington Refinery 1917 Union Oil Co of Calif: 1917-1983
Unocal: 1983-1997
Tosco Corp: 1997-2001
Phillips: 2001-2002
ConocoPhillips: 2002-Present
DeMenno/Kerdoon, Compton Refinery
(Reprocesses Waste Oil as Oil Re-Refiner)
Prior to 1981 DeMenno/Kerdoon: 1981-1984  
ECO Petroleum, Signal Hill Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 ECO Petroleum: 1981-1984 11,000
Edgington Oil Company/Alon USA Energy Inc, Long Beach Refinery 1932 Apex Oil Co: 1932-1941
Edgington Oil Co: 1941-2006
Alon USA Energy Inc: 2006-Present
ExxonMobil, Torrance Refinery 1907 Vacuum Oil Co: 1907-1929
General Petroleum Corporation of Calif: 1929-1931
Socony-Vacuum Corp: 1931-1934
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Inc: 1934-1955
Socony Mobil Oil Co: 1955-1966
Mobil Oil Corp: 1966-2000
ExxonMobil: 2000-Present
Fletcher Oil & Refining, Wilmington Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Fletcher Oil & Refining: 1981-1991  
Gibson Oil & Refining, Bakersfield Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Gibson Oil & Refining: 1981-1986  
Golden Bear, Oildale Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Witco Chemical Corp: 1981-1997
Golden Bear: 1997-2001
Golden Eagle Refining, Carson Refinery (Closed) 1947 Sunset Oil: 1947 - 1958
Golden Eagle Refining: 1958-1984
Golden Eagle Refining, Hanford Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Golden Eagle Refining: 1981-1985  
Golden West Refining Company, Santa Fe Springs Refinery (Refinery Closed in 1992, Continued Operating as a Terminal Until 1997) 1936 Wilshire Oil Co: 1936-1960
Gulf Oil Corp USA: 1960-1983
Golden West Refining Co: 1983-1997
Greka Energy, Santa Maria Asphalt Refinery 1935 Conoco: 1981-1992
Saba Petroleum Co: 1995-1999
Greka Energy: 1999-Present
Independent Valley Energy Company (IVEC), Bakersfield Refinery (Became Part of Big West Refinery)) ? 1982 Independent Valley Energy Co: 1982-1987  
Kern Oil & Refining Company, Bakersfield Refinery 1934 El Tejon Oil & Refinign Co: 1934-1943
Kreiger Oil Co: 1943-1945
Douglas Oil Co: 1945-1962
Continental Oil: 1962-1966
Edgington Oil/Signal Oil & Gas: 1966-1971
Kern County Refinery Inc. (Charter Oil Co.): 1971-1976
Kern County Refinery Inc. (Privately Held): 1976-1982
Kern Oil & Refining Co: 1982-Presentt
Lunday Thagard Oil Company, South Gate Refinery Prior to 1981 Lunday Thagard Oil Co: 1981-Present 8,500
Marlex Oil & Refining Company, Long Beach Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Marlex Oil & Refining Co: 1981-1984 19,000
Newhall Refining Company / Pauley Petroleum Inc, Santa Clarita Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Newhall Refining Co: 1981-1989  
Pacific Refining, Hercules Refinery (Closed)
Ceased refinery operations August 1995. Continued limited storage and terminal operations until 1997.
1967 Sequoia Refining Corp: 1967-1968
Gulf Oil Corp USA: 1968-1976
Pacific Refining: 1976-1997
Paramount Petroleum Corporation, Paramount Refinery 1930s Ajax Oil Company: 1930s-1937
Kreiger Oil Co: 1937-1940s
Douglas Oil Co: 1940s-1961
Continental Oil Company (Conoco): 1961-1982
Pacific Oasis, Inc: 1982-1984
Paramount Petroleum Corp: 1983-2006
Alon USA Energy Inc: 2006-Present
Powerine Oil Company, Santa Fe Springs Refinery (Closed)
Ceased refinery operations early July, 1995. CENCO is offering the refinery equipment for sale, as of April 2007.
1934 Rothchild Oil Co/Powerine Oil Co: 1934-1984
Closed bankruptcy: 1984-1986
Powerine Oil Co: 1986-1993
Castle Energy Corp: 1993-1995
Kenyen Resources: 1995-1996
Energy Merchant Corp: 1996-1998
Creative Energy Company (CENCO): 1998-Present
San Joaquin Refining Company, Bakersfield Refinery 1969 San Joaquin Refining Co: 1969-Present 15,000
Shell Oil Products US, Carson Refinery (Closed) 1923 Shell Company of Calif: 1923-1939
Shell Oil Company Inc: 1939-1949
Shell Oil Co: 1949-1992
Shell Oil Products US, Martinez Refinery 1915 Shell Company of Calif: 1915-1939
Shell Oil Company, Inc: 1939-1949
Shell Oil Co: 1949-1998
Equilon Enterprises (joint venture of Shell Oil Co. & Texaco Inc.): 1998-2002
Shell Oil Co: 2002-Present
Sunland Refining Corporation, Bakersfield Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1929 Sunland Refining Corp: ?1929-1995 12,000
Tenby Incorporated, Oxnard Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 Tenby Inc: 1981-December 2011  
Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co., Golden Eagle Refinery, Martinez/Avon 1913 Associated Oil Co: 1913-1937
Tidewater Associated Oil Co: 1937-1966
Phillips Petroleum: 1966-1976
Tosco Corp: 1976-2000
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock: 2000-2002
Valero Refining Co: 2002
Tesoro Refining: 2002-Present
Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co., Wilmington Refinery 1923 California Petroleum Corp. 1923-1928
Texas Company 1928-1959
Texaco, Inc. 1959-1998
Equilon Enterprises 1998-2002
Shell Oil Company 2002-2007
Tesoro Corp. 2007-Present
Tosco, Bakersfield Refinery (Became Part of Big West Refinery) Prior to 1981 Tosco Corp: 1981-1984  
Ultramar Oil, Hanford Refinery (Closed) 1931 HH Bell Refinery Co. 1931-1932
Caminol Oil Co: 1932-1967
Beacon Oil Co: 1967-1982
Ultramar Oil Co: 1982-1987
USA Petrochem Corporation, Ventura Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 USA Petrochem Corp: 1981-1984 27,900
Valero, Benicia Asphalt Refinery (Part of Valero Benicia Refinery) 1982 Huntway Refining: 1982-2001
Valero Refining Co: 2001-Present
Valero, Benicia Refinery 1968 Exxon Co USA: 1968-2000
Valero Refining Co: 2000-Present
Valero, Wilmington Asphalt Refinery Prior to 1981 Huntway Refining: 1981-2001
Valero Refining Co: 2001-Present
Valero, Wilmington Refinery 1969 Champlin Petroleum Co: 1969-1987
Union Pacific Resources Co: 1987-1988
Ultramar Refining: 1988-1997
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock: 1997-2002
Valero Refining Co: 2002-Present
West Coast Oil Company, Oildale Refinery (Closed) Prior to 1981 West Coast Oil Co: 1981-1988  

Source: Compiled by California Energy Commission Transportation Energy Office

Notes: 1. Atmospheric crude oil distillation processing capacity as measured in barrels per calendar day - source: Energy Information Agency - Refinery Capacity Report

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