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December 15, 2014 - Twenty-four weeks and continuing the fall. Regular is again several cents lower than last week's price.

The average price in California for regular gasoline decreased 10.1-cents from the previous week. The average statewide price for regular was $2.878. Mid-grade and premium prices decreased as well.

The national average for self-serve regular is at $2.554, down 12.5 cents from the previous week.This is 32.4 cents lower than the price of regular in California.

California Retail Gasoline
Prices Per Gallon
  California Retail Diesel
Prices Per Gallon
  12/8/2014 12/15/2014   12/10/2014 12/17/2014
Regular $2.979 $2.878 Northern
$3.382 $3.366
Mid-Grade $3.089 $2.994 Central
$3.489 $3.321
Premium $3.198 $3.103 Southern
$3.447 $3.317

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