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Summer 2008 Electricity Supply & Demand Outlook

Committee Overseeing This Proceeding Is:

Jeffrey Byron,
Commissioner and Presiding Member

James D. Boyd
Commissioner and Associate Member

The Summer 2008 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook is the Energy Commission staff's current assessment of the overall capability of the physical electricity system to provide power to meet electricity demand in four regions - California Statewide, California Independent System Operator (California ISO) Control Area, California ISO North of Path 26 (NP 26), and California ISO South of Path 26 (SP 26).

Staff is including a probabilistic assessment to enhance the deterministic tables we have historically provided. This probabilistic assessment evaluates the complete range of possible demand scenarios, generation and transmission forced outage occurrences, and the possibility of three adverse conditions occurring simultaneously.

Stakeholder input to the staff hydro assumptions is strongly encouraged and welcomed. The staff hydro assumptions are based on the premise that dependable hydro capacity during peak periods does not significantly change between a wet and a dry water year, even though the historic record shows that dry conditions can have a significant impact on available energy production. The estimate of dependable hydro capacity that the staff uses is based on low water year conditions and would only be revised slightly upward in an extremely wet year to account for additional run-of-river capacity that could be produced in June and early July by additional runoff.



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