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The California Energy Almanac


California is an energy trendsetter for most of the globe, especially in renewable energy development. The state is blessed with indigenous renewable resources like wind and geothermal energy. The burgeoning wind energy industry began in the Golden State in the 1970s, and the state has more geothermal energy production than other countries, behind only Iceland. And today Californians have embarked on an ambitious "Million Solar Roof" initiative intended to capture California's renowned sunshine.

California is a world leader in energy efficiency, and its encouragement and development of new energy technologies have made it an "energy laboratory" for the world. The state is also pursuing ambitious goals, policies, and programs on climate change to do our share to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

This Energy Almanac, brought to you by the California Energy Commission, provides both a quick overview and in-depth statistics of California's Energy Industry.